Dog Hair Trimmer Animal Grooming With Electric Nail Clipper

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Dog Hair Trimmer Animal Grooming With Electric Nail Clippers Cat Cutter Machine Shaver Scissor Clipper 110-220V

  • The blade is sharp and the hair will not get stuck.
  • Professional titanium ceramic acute angle blade: sharp, durable, not hot.
  • The blade tooth is processed with an acute angle, with quick cutting ability.
  • The acute angle ceramic blade is sharp and wear-resistant.
  • 30 professional acute angle tool head sketch.
  • High power motor, incredible power.
  • Using high power silver-palladium alloy motor, higher speed, stronger power, prevent the phenomenon of the hair stuck.
  • The head of the blade is treated with an R-shaped obtuse angle. When working, the skin of the pet will not be harmed by the contact cortex at all angles.
  • The test for hand: you can contact the skin directly with the swiveling blade, and you won't get hurt.
  • Don't hurt your pet's skin: Different Sizes of combs for the novice. With the limit comb, you can trim your pet's hair even for the first time. (3-6-9-12mm limit comb)

-Color: Champagne Gold
-Battery: Large capacity charging a battery
-Charging Time: About 5 to 7 hours
-Product Dimensions: Material of the blade head
-Titanium Ceramic Bladehead: Rated Voltage-220V or 110-240V
-Adjustable Range of Knob: Limit Comb
-Usage Mode: Rechargeable Electric Pet Shaver

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