6.5 inch Dog Curved Animal Grooming Scissors

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Fenice Professional Symmetrical Handle Colorful 6.5 inch Pet Dog Curved Animal Grooming Scissors

  • Shear Curvature Display: Curved Thinner Scissors, the standard 25-degree bend, hand made by the experienced master.
  • The shears are even and smooth, sharp and durable. The inner side of the shears is fine and smooth, too. So the friction between two shears is the same. Easy to use and extend the life of the scissors.
  • Japanese embedded bearing screw manufactured by a precision machine tool, it ensures the scissors the stability during operation, the consistency and relaxed hand more durable, and the useful life of the scissors is extended.
  • The inner side of the guide rail adopts a fully automatic grinding machine to be uniformly polished, which ensures that the thickness of each blade is consistent, and the consistency of the contact surface is ensured.
  • Handle corresponds with the ergonomic design principle, grip, comfortable and have a good sense of control, in addition, hand feeling and comfort are optimal.
  • The handle is sprayed with elastic paint, which is made of the high elastic synthetic resin emulsion, which has high resilience, flexibility, and extensibility. With elastic paint sprayed on the handle, it becomes more beautiful, feels more comfortable while hold in hands, and has a certain anti-slip effect.

Size: 6.5inches
Blade Length: 7.5cm
Total Length: 18.3cm
Head Hardness: 60-62hrc
Bend: 25 Degree
Weight: 70g
Steel: JP440C High-Quality Stainless Steel
Scissors Process: Sequence Welding
The process of the knife: Manual Grinding
Color: Champagne, Red, Blue, Black, Violet

1 x Pet Scissors